Friday, April 22, 2005

Found: New Google Maps Sites

While browsing around Bloglines today I found a new site devoted to Google Maps - "Google Globetrotting". Similar to Google Sightseeing, 'Globetrotting adds another element to the categorized listing of cool views. It allows you to rank the maps and list them based on their popularity. Hmmm.. sounds a lot like another of my favourite sites: :) This site even features a cash prize for good map submissions.. Too cool! At first glance Google Sightseeing holds a slight edge in total coverage with the apparent lack of Canadian mapview content on Google Globetrotting. There are tons more Canadian maps listed and featured on Google Sightseeing.
Another site that was suggested to me by a visitor to Google Maps Mania is "As Good As Being There". 'ASABT' "focuses" more on unique views of particular landmarks or popular places, rather than general unique views of terrain or cities. Theme Parks, and Historical Landmark sections are of particular interest.

Both links have been added to the right sidebar.. Be sure to check them often for cool new views and Google Maps stuff to waste time by looking at. :)
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