Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Google Maps and Internet Cameras

The marriage of Google Maps with physical Internet camera locations holds incredible possibilities for bringing together the insane amount of ip-based traffic and general interest viewing cameras that are available for viewing around the web and the world.

There are two good examples of this in action using GMapTrack. The first one that I mentioned last week includes the various traffic "jamcams" around London,
England and the next features locations of Surveillance Cameras in Vancouver, Canada.

  • GMapTrack: London, England Jam-cam

  • GMapTrack: Vancouver, canada Surveillance Cameras

  • IMO, Google Maps is the ultimate interface for browsing and viewing Internet Cameras. With all other community information that is being plotted into Google Maps in the form of icons and "pushpins" this mapping tool is quickly becoming your real-world community information explorer.

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