Sunday, July 10, 2005

2 Recent Google Maps projects you can make use of - is an enhancement to the Google Sightseeing concept allowing visitors to register for an account and bookmark all the cool places they find on Google Maps. Created with the Google Maps API, the cool views can be suggested marked and ranked. A feature I like on this site is the discussion that continues to take place on a marked location. Cool site. - Here is a recent Google Maps project which has been recommended to me by a visitor in Italy. His site has been expanded to include world events such as the London bombings or an upcoming F1 race. We'll have to see how this site takes shape. For now, it's a combination of a free-spirited message board and news events overlayed onto Google Maps. Perhaps the comments will feed into the maps entries as the site continues to take shape? Here is a link to a Google Group posting of a user that has made use of AsktheWorld's entry for an upcoming F1 race..
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