Tuesday, July 12, 2005

3 More Google Maps Mashups

Live Webcams - Dublin, Ireland - Here's the first known Google Maps Mashup in Ireland. It displays web/traffic cameras around the city of Dublin. If you're a Dubliner and you know of other cameras around the area that this person can add, there's a link at the bottom of the page to suggest your location to be added to the mashup.

Webmaster shows site visitors on Google Maps - The webmaster of Furiousity.net has been able to hack together a map which shows the location of visitor's IP addresses hitting his website overlaid on a Google Map. He was able to use the 'ip->location' info available from hostip.info to plot the locations of visitors.

Find a taco truck in Seattle - There will come a time when I will stop posting these mashups that only affect .0001% of the visitors to this blog, but until then, I hereby present to you the Taco Truck Finder for Seattle, Washington, USA. :)

In other news, here's a blog focusing on Google Maps in India, and check out the BlogsNow tracker which shows the most linked-to Google Maps locations within various blog posts.

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