Monday, July 18, 2005

3 more Google Maps Mashups!

Paris Star Forts - This historical Gmaps overlay shows you the locations of the Paris Star Forts. Here is some background from the site:

In 1840 France was involved in an international conflict over Egypt, the details of which no one remembers today. However as part of the conflict, King Louis-Philippe and Prime Minister They decided to build a ring of large forts around Paris. Most of the forts still exist today. Some are still in use by the military, some are parks, one is a WWII cemetery. And some have been gradually replaced by office buildings and apartments, preserving only the outline of the original fort.
(See the forts on Google Maps here..)

Track the boat locations in the Transpac Sailboat Race - The Transpac race from Long Beach to Honolulu is run every two years, alternating with the Pacific Cup. 2005's race, the 43rd, got started on July 11th. Position reports from each boat are collected by radio at 9am PDT, are posted on the web by about 1:30pm PDT, and show up here some time after that.

It's good to see the folks at Laboratories getting involved in the Google Maps craze - I used to love playing with their license plate creator tool!

Track the band Wilco - includes a Google map which is part of a new wave of Google Maps mashups showing you the tour information for bands/artists. Some of these sites include and DylanTree both showing you on a Google Map where a band is playing in the U.S. Perhaps someone should create a tool for fanatic music fans to integrate this into their fan-blogs? Maybe bands themselves should integrate this into their official websites?

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