Sunday, July 24, 2005

3 new Google Maps mashups from the UK and Australia!

Get your 5 day UK weather forecast - Here is a UK based mashup work-in-progress that overlays regional weather data (using some cheery "weather-type" symbols) overlaid onto a Google Map. Clicking on these symbols displays the highs/lows, wind direction and speed for the next 5 days! [via]

Find Aussie Places on Google Maps - Planning a trip to Australia and want to know where the closest look out spot to where you're staying is? Or perhaps you live in Australia worrying about an Antarctic penguin invasion you're seeking the nearest defense facilities? will allow you to find these and many (I do mean many) other "places" all plotted on a nifty Google Map. This mashup is from the creator of the Australian weather mashup Post code searching is the means to finding a boat ramp or ten pin bowling on this great mashup from down under.. (Warning: lots of data, a bit slow on the 'ol browser!) [via]

Australian Weather data: - This mashup features a ton of data and can really bog down your browser. Be warned before opening. Regardless, it does feature heaps of Australian weather data: temperature, wind speed, pressure, links to
nearby stations, links to radars, among other things! [via]
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