Wednesday, July 20, 2005

4 more Google Maps mashups!

Google Map Control Panel - Shiuh-Lin Lee has improved on the Google Maps interface with this mashup/tool called the Google Map Control Panel. He has given you the options to resize the pan/zoom feature, resize the map width/height and where to center it. The cool part is this program has some built-in geo-reference information of the displayed map. Cool stuff. Here is a link to the page with instructions to use it, and a link off to the tool itself. [via]


Google Maps + Colorado Real Estate - The most progressive real estate companies are getting in on the Google Maps API action. features a good example of how real estate agents can use the mapping tool for home sales. This full screen Google mashup displays the locations of homes in Colorado and splits the screen between a street and satellite view. Check here and run a mock search to see the map in action.

Remaining Mach 3 Blackbirds on Google Maps - For the aircraft enthusiasts out there, the creator of the historical Area 51 mashup has also created a Mach 3 Blackbird spotting page. The page plots the location of every remaining Mach 3 Blackbird in the USA

Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monuments - Discover the historical side of LA with this Google Maps mashup. The creator has taken you to all the Historical Cultural Monuments in LA by plotting them on a Google street map. Each of the locations link off to photos in the Flickr Historical Cultural Monuments photo group.
I think I'll add a heading to the links section titled "Historical" with all of these guided history mashups popping up!
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