Sunday, July 10, 2005

5 More Google Maps Mash-ups..

Google Maps U.S.Web Cam Locator - Search for U.S. webcams by zip code

Google Maps + - Cafespot is in an independent, user-drive site where people can suggest their favourite deli, restaurant or cafe in many countries. The tool now plots these locations on a Google Maps interface. (Example)

Google Maps + Sydney, Australia golf courses - With Google Maps going global recently the Google Maps mashups are starting to pop up everywhere! Here is one from Sydney Australia which plots where golf courses are located around the Sydney area. Also, here is a mashup of rainfall and dam catchment data as well. If you're wondering why this data is vital, here is a comment from a reader:
"Sydney is running out of water, slowly, but surely. we watch dam levels like other nations watch their interest rates. water is life, and it is even more true here, where water falling from the sky is that rarest of gifts."

2.5Mag+ Earthquakes + Google Maps - If you're looking for the latest earthquakes that have taken place around the world measuring at a magnitude of at least 2.5 and above check out this maps hack!

..Although this mashup isn't necessarily ready for production just yet, here is a discussion taking place in the Google Maps API Google Group discussion area about a Guest Map tool which shows you where your website visitors are coming in from.
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