Friday, July 08, 2005

6 More Google Maps mash-ups! + Google Maps - This Google Maps hack allows you to search for a restaurant in your local area of the U.S. The site boasts 400,000 restaurants.

Google Maps tools: Sydney Australia - Here is a set of Google Maps tools centered on Sydney, Australia. Functions include a "Distance Calculator", a "Current Place" tool which determines the longitude and latitude of the point where the map is currently centered on. You can login and save your list of "handy places" as well.

Biking around the world on Google Maps - Follow the journey of Nick Busey's solo journey around the world on a single-gear 20" BMX bike. That's right - a BMX. He's coined his travel-site: "Around the World on Twenty Inches" He has a Google Map set up which is showing his progress. Cheer him on and encourage him to jump some curbs and ramps along the way! :)

Georgia Sex Offenders + Google Maps - Joining a growing number state and municipal Google Maps hacks showing where convicted sex offenders are living, this hack shows you where sex offenders are living in the state of Georgia, USA by zip code.

Recent Earthquakes + Google Maps - All recent earthquakes in North America are plotted via this full-browser window Google Maps view. You can click on the push-pins for more information.

UK Traffic Conditions + Google Maps - This tool combines traffic incident reports, roadworks and traffic cameras all displayed on a Google Map for you. You can toggle between various regions as well. A very clean, well designed Google Mashup.

FedEx Tracking tool using Google Maps

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