Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Found: Google Maps bits in the blogosphere..

Some random Google Maps related bits found out and around the blogosphere lately..

The Internet based TV station featured a nifty little spot on Google Maps mashups both in English and in Spanish. I would have to say it's the first real "video" coverage I've seen of Google Maps mashups. The only other 'physical' coverage I've seen was the
small WIRED spread in this month's issue. [via]

The blogger behind Furialog has a great suggestion: "You should be able to click at any point on a route produced by Google Maps directions and choose to override the automatic directions with manual ones." More on the thought here. (Off topic: This entry is followed by some fascinating digital pictures from Japan of floors and food.. Check it out)

I was surprised to read that this French blogger took ViaVirtualEarth to be a clone of Google Maps Mania for MSN Virtual Earth after I translated his post! Cool!

Have you heard of the term Ajax recently? It's become a hot web buzz term for web designers and application developers. Google has employed the "approach to building web applications" in its recent creations; Maps and Gmail to name a few. Essentially Ajax gets us that step closer to enjoying the speed and responsiveness of a desktop application, in an online web application experience. This blogger helps us appreciate why Google Maps is so good with the help of things like Ajax.

Dave Bouwman might be onto something with his theory on when Google will turn on the advertising waterhose. He suspects that after the API has its kinks worked out and folks have spent many hours and dollars to integrate Google Maps into things, they'll unleash the advertisements. What will the effect be? Dave wants to know your thoughts on the
issue. [via]
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