Tuesday, July 12, 2005

GeoProject USA and Google Maps

Last week I posted about Zoto.com supporting the geotagging feature on all of its images. In support of that new feature Zoto has introduced Geo Project USA. From the Geo Project website:

The objective of Geo Project USA is to visit and photograph every spot in the U.S. where a whole-numbered minute of latitude intersects with a whole-numbered minute of longitude (e.g., 38°14'00"N, 109°55'00"W), in what is better known as a confluence point. Minute confluence points form roughly a one-mile by one-mile grid across the U.S. The goal of this project is to capture photos from as many as possible of the 4,554,000 minute confluence points in the U.S, producing for the first time a granular look at the fabric of America.

Already these confluence points are starting to be gathered and a Google Map will display all of these points on a map as they come in. Here is an example of a confluence (37°52'N 122°16'W) looking North, South, East and West.

Get started today and contribute to this awesome project!
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