Monday, July 04, 2005

Google Maps Mania back with 7 hacks!

Find a pub in Folkstonegerald - Every local community needs this Google Maps mashup allows you to plot pubs in a small community in the UK based on the following: 'Local' venue?, Town, Pool, table, Dartboard, Booze, Real Ale, Food, Live music, DJ, Jukebox, Garden, Children welcome and accomodation. Once you've answered all of this, you will most certainly have found the best place to enjoy a pint of your favourite brew!
[via] is a Google Maps hack that was recently announced by Tony. He has created a mashup of the Storm Prediction Center at the US National Weather service and Google Maps. At quick glance, the map shows 1 tornado, 10 wind reports and 4 hail reports. It's a pretty nifty tool for the storm chasers in the audience! :)

A river runs through it on Google Maps! This USGS/Google Maps hack shows you the locations of river gauges and the stream flow at those gauges. Pretty handy for the folks that like to hit the local rivers and streams to go fishing!

Gmaps Pedometer is a tool which allows you to plot distance in miles for runs, walks, rollerblades, dog-trots.. whatever! You just zoom into the area of your route, start recording and then double click each turn in your route. This is VERY cool! Note to the metric folks reading this. One mile is approximately equal to 1.61 kilometres! :)
[via] combines Google Maps and US Census Data. Use the zoom tool to zero in on an area or plug in an address. You can visually plot things like Land area, water area, population, number of houses, the county, state division and region of the US. is a great site for those of you living in the Seattle area looking for a handy transit tool. In the Bus Stops section, type in an address, intersection, or landmark to find bus stops near that location. In the Routes section, type in route numbers to view routes, stops along those routes, and current bus locations. Traffic Conditions gives you access to hundreds of traffic cams in the area.
[via] is a comprehensive database of various emergency incidents which have happened around the U.S. It pulls data from fire departments, sex offender registries and police and 911 feeds and plots it onto Google Maps. The feeds release data every 10 mins. to every week.

Enjoy these mashups! Lots more Google Maps hacks, news and how-tos to come.....
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