Friday, July 29, 2005

Google Maps on your Treo 650

KMaps is Google Maps on your Treo 650

Ivan Mitrovic has created KMaps which is a Google Maps viewer for the Treo 650. Here are some quotes from his blog:

Since I use Google Maps often and I use my Treo 650 all the time, I thought it would be nice to have some of Google Maps on my Treo. Google Maps implementation is heavy on AJAX and no Treo 650 web browser to my current knowledge is able to handle Google Maps the way they are handled in the non-handheld browsers (at least my Xiino and Blazer aren't able to handle them). KMaps is my first take on implementing some of the Google Maps functionality on Treo 650. It is a work in progress and feedback is appreciated. KMaps uses Google Maps search results, directions and images to help me find my way around.


I have used KMaps very often since I have developed it and I thought it might be valuable to other Treo 650 owners, so KMaps is posted it here for download.

Visit his blog to download the viewer..

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