Monday, July 25, 2005

Google Maps + tags + RSS = Tagzania

The tags concept is something that has really been catching on lately. Sites like Technorati, and Flickr have employed the tagging system to allow users to index and search for blog posts, bookmarks and photos based on a simple keyword. Tagzania has taken this concept and married it with Google Maps by allowing site users to "tag" locations onto a Google Map. To see current tags, go here.

Once you've registered as a user you can start to tag locations of your own by sticking the GMaps pushpin into a location or by indicating it's exact latitude and longitude. Once you've tagged various locations, you can subscribe to that tag's RSS feed and monitor more locations as they are assigned to the Tagzania service under that tag-label.

From the website:

What is this?

Tagzania is about tags and places. If you register and log in, you can add places, points, to create and document your maps. When you add a point, you may tag it with keywords. That way, Tagzania is not only a place to build and keep your own maps, shared territories are created as well.


- A user's viewpoint: - A user's particular map: - A combination of tags:

I can see this taking off as a quick way for online communities to tag locations of interest to them and also to find all the names of a location which are not labeled on the Google Maps street view. The application for this site seems so versatile and the uses seem endless..
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