Monday, July 11, 2005

Google Maps Tools Roundup

The Google Toolbar for Firefox now includes a feature which turns street addresses into links to Google Maps

The Google Maps Dashboard Widget has been updated for Mac OSX with the following changes: - Added French localization, added option to remove map controls entirely and fixed double-click bug on map controls.

Google Maps in Flickr v1.6 - "I fixed some minor bugs fixed and add a new feature. Now there's a small toolbar above the gmap. Three control functions are there: hide map, lengthen map, and large map. The large map link will bring you to official google maps with the lat/lon of the photo."

GPX parser using the gmaps api: "It adaptively throws away points which don't deviate much from a straight line in a usually successful attempt to keep the map usable. It shows pins with the info for waypoints and the start of each trkseg. It works in Firefox and Safari. IE has some weird issues we're working on."
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