Thursday, July 21, 2005

Great new mashup: Mapping Events with Google Maps

Okay now we're talking! It's been a few weeks since a mashup made me grin and nod my head with approval. EVMapper has caused me do this today. This Google Maps mashup and great info-searching tool allows you to query a U.S. Events & Venues Database and display the results on a Google Map:

You can search for all events or only events within a selected location and the resulting entries are then plotted in pushpin-fashion on a map panel. What's more, you can then gain more detailed event information from another information panel and use a nifty calendar below, to reference other dates from the same subject. The search tool is great, and the database is full of concerts, tech events, lectures and conferences from the "eventsphere". This is an awesome use of Google Maps and an existing database. I would project that this kind of search tool will eventually be integrated within every website on the web or Google search service (similar to Google Local).

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