Saturday, July 09, 2005

How-to: blockview images + Google Maps has recently come out with a great way to browse local U.S. communities through street based mapping of the real street views called "block view". The tool allows you to virtually walk down the street using a multi-paneled map/street viewer. Take a look here.

Kokogiak, the creator of Google Maps Transparencies has created a method to bring A9's blockview images together with Google Maps. To do this you'll be required to use the Firefox web browser and an extension called GreaseMonkey. To bring the blockview images into a Google Map that you're looking at
all you need to do is install a script to make it all happen.

Check out the full set of instructions on the following page to start doing this. It's worth noting that this will only work with one of the 20 or so U.S. cities that A9 has filmed and is supporting for the blockview images.

Check this posting which outlines why Google may soon have this functionality built right into Google Local and Google Maps.
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