Tuesday, July 05, 2005

How-to: GPS Tag Photos: Flickr, Mappr, Google Earth....

The "Make:" Blog brings us this latest Google Maps how-to:
How To GPS Tag Photos: Flickr, Mappr, Google Earth....

Here is a snippet from the Make: blog posting:

Here's the simple, non-techy way of tagging photos with the location of where you took them on planet Earth. There are lots of ways to do this, and I'll write about those later- but this is fun thing to do over the holiday weekend. As an added bonus, I'll show you how to see your photos on a cool Mapping application called Mappr, as well as Google Earth... This how-to is just the start of some mapping hacks, step-by-steps etc- I wanted to start out with the simplest method possible so even the non-techies can play. For this how-to all you'll need is: * A digital camera. * A free Flickr account. * Optional: Cheap GPS off Ebay or wherever.

(Read the full how-to here..)

Looks like fun! The directions read very well with very well laid out steps and great screensCheck Spellinghots of the tools that he mentions. Good luck!
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