Monday, July 18, 2005

Media continues to cover Google Maps and Google Earth

Web services take differing paths on maps
International Herald Tribune - SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO In 1991, David Gelernter, a computer scientist at Yale University, proposed using software to create a computer simulation of the physical world, making it possible to map everything from traffic flow and building layouts to sales and currency data on a computer screen. Gelernter's idea came a step closer to reality in the past few weeks when both Google and Yahoo published documentation making it significantly easier for programmers to link virtually any kind of Internet data to Web-based maps and, in Google's case, satellite imagery.
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Google earth goes 3-dimensional
Seattle Times - July 16, 2005

You can't accuse Google of thinking small these days. Having sewn up, upended or merely rejuvenated the markets for Web searching, Web-mail services, digital photography and file searching, it's now set its sights on something slightly larger: the Earth.
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