Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New Gmaps Mashups: Australian Weather, Hurricanes and BART Schedules

Google Maps + Australia Weather Map - I'm surprised that there hasn't been more in the way of Australian Google Maps mashups. Here is a Google Map that displays live weather conditions around Australia. Click on a region, then zoom into a specific location to get more data. The creator is looking to add some geocode links if he can establish a source. [via]

Google Hurricane Maps - Here is a mashup which displays all hurricane data for a given year. As the site states though: *Note* - years with heavy storm activity may require up to 30 seconds to render, because of the large quantity of data points. During this time your browser may hang, but shouldn't crash (no promises with Internet Explorer though). He is working to fix this lag issue.

Google Maps + BART Map and Schedule - BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit, and if you live in that area, you might find this Acme Laboratories Google Maps mashup useful. Use the map to determine scheduled arrivals to specific stations. On the to-do list for this mashup are new features like pre-popping to your home station when you arrive at the site and a way to display weekday vs. weekend schedules. [via]
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