Monday, July 25, 2005

New Google Maps Tool: GPlotter

Here is a new Google Maps tool called GPlotter. It is a very simple Javascript object which can read an XML file to map markers onto a Google Map. From Brennan Stehling, the creator:

This object provides a simple interface to plot markers onto Google Maps by using a simple XML file. The interface allows the user to write a few of lines of Javascript to provide this cross-browser functionality. It has been tested and works on MSIE 6, Firefox and Safari. I chose to do it this way after initially updating a Google Map using a lot of Javascript which I felt was too easy to break. It is much easier and reliable to generate XML instead of Javascript, so this approach seemed the right way to go. I have posted GPlotter as version 0.5 and hope to add more features and publish new releases soon. (more..)

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