Thursday, July 28, 2005

O'Reilly Radar a great source for Google Maps analysis

The O'Reilly Radar is a great blog for keeping up with emerging mainstream technology trends that affect us all. Whether you are a journalist trying to stay on top of a certain technology-based industry or just a curious technologist the O'Reilly Radar is a beacon you should check in on regularly via the web or subscribe to via something like Bloglines or MyYahoo!.

Over the past few days the folks at O'Reilly Radar have alerted readers to some important Google Maps developments. Here are a few of the blog post titles:

Where 2.0: Compare Google Maps with Virtual Earth
Here's a great article analyzing the present state of the union in the maps API world.. Take a read of this.

Drawing arbitrary GIS data on Google Maps |
"Chicagocrime now knows about zipcodes. What's cool is that this is the first mainstream example of using Google Maps to draw borders (thematic mapping) rather than simply points...."

Where 2.0: Latest Google Maps Hacks Roundup
(All of the hacks referenced in this post have been pointed out to you previously on Google Maps Mania)
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