Monday, July 11, 2005

Phoogle Maps - a fix for the Google Maps API

Phoogle Maps addresses a fundamental problem with the recently released Google Maps API. The API requires you to know the longitude/latitude data of locations that you want to display. Phoogle Maps provides a work-around for this. From the Phoogle Maps site:

Phoogle (pronounced like foogle) Maps is a PHP class that uses the nusoap libraries to connect to the service to create an array that can be passed to the Google Maps API. What does this mean? It’s a PHP script that can map whatever address you pass it. The address can be from a database or hardcoded. View a sample here

Phoogle Maps fits into the "How-to" category here on Google Maps Mania since it does require some action. Justin Johnson has set up full instructions on this blog post, along with the invitation to email him or post to his comments section if you notice any bugs or want to make any suggestions.
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