Sunday, July 10, 2005

Try Google Earth then visit Google Earth Hacks

Thanks to this blog post, I finally decided to download Google Earth and all I was amazed. Really, if Google Maps is doing it for you, take some time to download, install and play with Google Earth. Since there are limitations with what you can deliver via a web application like Google Maps, Google Earth takes things a step further by creating a client server mapping tool that goes far beyond the flat street and satellite mapping you're used to with the http version. To give you an idea of what the tool feels like in comparison with the conventional Google Maps tool, check this link for a small selection of screenshots (includes the Hoover Dam screenshot above). It's amazing.

Google Earth Hacks

Once you've gotten into using Google Earth, stop over to Google Earth Hacks which features lists of file downloads which act as hacks, or add-ons to the Google Earth tool. Some examples include 3D models and some of the same mash-ups that you've seen featured here on Google Maps Mania for the web tool. The site also contains discussion areas and user logins so that you can post your own hacks to the site for others to download and use.
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