Thursday, July 21, 2005

Watch the finish of a sailing race on Google Maps!

The Transpac Long Beach to Honolulu Sailboat Race Google Maps mashup has shown us what can be done to broadcast multi-day sailing races via Google Maps for the whole web to see!

As of today (updated - please see comment) - Odyssey is on a heading of N 23.53333 W 148.6 and looking to be in the lead with 529 miles to go. Thanks to a user who pointed out that the lead boat is "the communications boat that leads the sailboats and also is there to assist anyone that gets in trouble."

Position reports from each boat are collected by radio at 9am PDT, are posted on the web by about 1:30pm PDT, and show up here some time after that. Use to line up the timezones from where you are viewing. Be sure to check out this mashup since it will expire in a few days from the Current Events link listing!
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