Saturday, July 16, 2005

WIRED and Business Week spotlight Google Maps mashups

Two print magazines have recently taken notice of the Google Maps mashing that is currently taking place.

WIRED has done a small spot on the sprawl of Google Maps in their most recent issue which is on newsstand right now. The Google Maps game Scavengeroogle was featured in the story, along with Google Globetrotting, the infamous mentions of Area 51 aerial photos and Flickr and Google Maps being used in digital scrapbooks. Unfortunately there is no online version of this article. There are page scans here. I think you could expect WIRED to take a closer look at the phenomenon in future issues since this mention looks only to have made it to the first pages of the issue where the short articles + photos are generally presented.

Mix, Match, And Mutate
(Business Week) "Mash-ups" -- homespun combinations of mainstream services -- are altering the Net

What they're all seeing is nothing less than the future of the World Wide Web. Suddenly, hordes of volunteer programmers are taking it upon themselves to combine and remix the data and services of unrelated, even competing sites. The result: entirely new offerings they call "mash-ups."

(This is a story from the July 25th print issue of Business Week that is out now in North America, Europe and Asia.)

Google Maps Mania will be watching for anyone else covering the Google Maps mashup revolution on and off-line, and post about it right here for you.. ;)

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