Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yahoo! bashes Google Maps API

This is quite possibly the best comment thread I've ever read on a blog post. Key participants are Yahoo!'s Jeffrey McManus in one corner touting the Yahoo! Maps API and aggressively bashing the Google Maps. Then there is ChicagoCrime.org's (Google Mash-up) Adrian Holovaty who quite tactfully responds to Jeffrey's comments about his Gmaps mashup. Take a read of the posting and comments...

Key highlights of this blog post and comments include:

- 7 reasons why Yahoo! Maps API is better than the Google Maps API
- Yahoo's Jeffrey McManus pointing out to Adrian Holovaty why his Google Maps hack is in breach of the Google Maps API EULA
- Yahoo! being accused of not realizing the rest of the world (and ensuing anti-American sentiments)
- people being called dumb-asses and other flame-war type phrases...

The last comment post to this happened yesterday - I hope it's not over! It's fun to read! Jeffrey definitely won't be winning brownie points from the Yahoo! PR department on this post. Based on the comments, and my personal opinion there is a far better way to provide counter points to an already established and widely used tool. Coming off sounding like an idiot might not be the best angle.

On a side note, if the folks at Yahoo! Maps are interested in swaying Google Maps folk, why not participate more on this blog in comment posts? It would be interesting to hear from the other side of the coin!
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