Wednesday, August 17, 2005

2 new Google Maps mashups..

Geotagging the sounds of the world on Google Maps - Here is a very cool mashup that takes the geotagging concept from photographs to.. sounds! :) The map displays pushpins from various points around the world that tie into the freesound project database. When you click onto a point, it pops up a balloon with a very detailed text description of the sound that you'll hear. The even better part is the flash-embedded player that allows you to actually listen to the sound as you browse around the Google Map. - I believe that this, combined with geotagging photos, webcams and news is really allowing us to fully experience locations around the world! This is just awesome stuff. [via]

RV's and Truckers - get your free WiFi! - If you're an RV'er or a truck driver in North America looking for WiFi Internet access, then this mashup is for you. It is an integration between a database of campsites and truckstops with WiFi Internet access and Google Maps. The mashup creator ensures me that the data was exhaustively researched over a period of a year, so they believe it to be the most extensive database of North American campgrounds and truckstops with WiFi. There are plans to expand it with only locations that can accommodate an RV. Their rule is: "If you can get an RV in the parking lot, we'll list it. As a result, you won't ever see a Starbucks in downtown Manhattan listed in our database." Visit the mashup here.
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