Wednesday, August 24, 2005

2 new Google Maps mashups!

Take a Heritage Walk in Nanaimo, British Columbia - The city of Nanaimo, BC, Canada has employed Google Maps and other web technologies to create this amazing Heritage Walk around the downtown core of their city. Upon clicking the pushpins on some of the locations, a java viewer opens in the balloon allowing you to pan and view the area you've just selected. Within the panorama red icons appear indicating a heritage site. Clicking these icons brings you off to the Heritage Register's website to view the record for that property.

Heavy on plugins, this site may bog down your browser as a general warning. also reports that you can explore this Canadian city even further using Google Earth in this article. I echo their comment: "Kudos to the City of Nanaimo for being so proactive and for allowing their IT department and GIS crew to dabble with technology." [via]

Tonight: Live Bands found on Google Maps! - Want to see a live music act somewhere in the U.S... tonight? has added a Google Maps mashups that displays live concerts which are playing in various U.S. cities for tonight.. and tomorrow night.. and the night after that! [via]
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