Saturday, August 06, 2005

3 new Google Maps mashups! displays movies - search by zip code and mile radius from your zip code - 5-20 miles. The results can then be listed alphabetically by theaters or by movies. The "mash" has a pretty good domain name too - Hmm.. I wonder if Alan Alda is playing in any feature films these days?

Mashup shows you who is clicking and where they are clicking from in AIM:'s has recently integrated with Google Maps to show you, visually, who is referencing your profile on AIM. It tracks who clicks on 'message' in your AIM profile, but it also grabs latitude and longitude of people who click on the links and then plots them with Google Maps. Here is a demo. I can see this fitting into the same category as the mashup to put some geographic context to names and photos online.

Kosher Restaurant & Food Mapper - Find all nearby kosher food establishments based on your present location. Should be useful for people who keep a kosher diet and are traveling, although it currently only works for U.S. cities.
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