Saturday, August 13, 2005

3 new Google Maps mashups!

Using Google Maps to make more real estate sales - John Keith is an innovative real estate broker in out of Boston, USA. He's created a Google Maps overlay on his website which shows the current availability of loft apartments in his selling area. This is a great idea to use Google Maps to make more sales.

Boston Subway Map - Find the nearest subway station to your location, Find the shortest distance directions between two stations. You can also input addresses into the fields and see the fastest way by subway.

Mapping credit card spending using GMaps - (If this link does not work by clicking on it, please cut and paste the following into your browser: ) - Greg McCarroll wanted to try out the Google Maps API so he sat down with his credit card statement and started to plot addresses. Here is a quote from Greg: "Now here's a scary thought--according to The Economist, Tesco has the same kind of data mining for the general population of England. "
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