Tuesday, August 16, 2005

3 new Google Maps mashups!

Another NYC Subway system mashup - Don Schwarz has been busy with the Google Maps API since it was released. The fruits of his labor have come together in Transit-Maps.com. Only NYC subways are supported, and there are still a few stops missing. He critiques his own work by saying: "The one thing that http://transit-maps.com does not deal with well is multiple lines running along the same tracks. When two lines would produce the exact same path, it randomly chooses between them." He does feel that Transit Maps (for the NYC subway) is easier to use and works better than the other subway mashups out there.

What was that in the sky? - GMDir.com has established a fun Google Maps mashup.. or a serious one, depending on what side of the UFO-sighting fence you sit. :) This mashup combines the National UFO Reporting Center's database of UFO sightings with a Google world Map. A few quotes from the sightings: "Looking south west, sky clear, height of object difficult to say. First thought I observed a very bright star but then it moved slowly..." or this one: "Witnessed a circular bright light in the san antonio sky that dropped vertically rapidly and disappeared" Many, many more can be found here.

Winerybound.com + Google Maps (Click "Visit all Wineries"): In vino veritas, Heather and Scott Truchot established Winerybound.com. The site is devoted to, what else.. wine. It's a US-based site and contains listings of all the wineries in the U.S. To assist in the visuals, they've added a nifty Google Maps overlay plotting the locations of each winery (to view the map, click "Visit all Wineries"). This is another example of how Google Maps is helping with the tourism and community exploration..
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