Friday, August 19, 2005

4 new Google Maps mashups!

Smugmug gives you personal photo mapping - Not to be left out of the personal photo Google mapping craze a GMM reader was quick to point out that Pixagogo was not the first site to include personal picture-mashing using Google Maps. SmugMug also gives you the ability to post pictures to a Google Map. Smugmug is similar to the Flickr and Pixagogo's of the world to enable you to share photos using a slick interface. The site boasts 32,000,000+ photos and allows you to post yours to a Google Maps overlay. The Google Maps method of sharing global photos is an amazing way to view online photo albums. Yet another way Google Maps is transforming the web.

Google Maps "brings genealogy to life" - will turn your genealogy work into a free Google Map if you email them your completed Excel spreadsheet containing your family tree and any photos you want included. The site gives you an example of what the finished map would look like by showing the family tree of current U.S. president George Bush.

Google Maps Game: Road Sign Math - Here is a game you can play while on a roadtrip. It's called Road Sign Math and involves taking pictures of roadsigns that can be used as a math problem. Here is an example:

This most basic form of Road Side Math is a winner because 15+34=49.
How does this relate to Google Maps? The creator of this game wants you to send in all your pictures you take with your camera of these roadsigns, so they can be assembled on this Google Map. Click on a pushpin and you'll see all the examples of Road Sign Math in action.. Kind of neat. [via]

Paris Metro Google Map - Here is an overlay and colour-coded route map for the Paris Metro transit system. Won't it be great when street maps are rolled out to every country? :)
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