Saturday, August 20, 2005

4 new Google Maps mashups!

Real time locations of Dublin, Ireland commuter trains (Good) - I'm always amazed at mashups that can display real-time information. Here is one that actually shows commuter trains (DARTs), as they move, along the tracks of Dublin Ireland. By clicking on the train markers you can find out what train (origin and destination) you are looking at. How does it work? An answer from the site: I'm taking the real-time suburban rail info from, scraping it into a useful data structure, then writing it to XML. I then plot this onto Google Maps, with the help of the routes and stations data file. This is similar to the Seattle Bus Monster mashup. We're definitely looking at the future of mobile Google Maps applications with this mashup! Great work to the creator! [via]

Pilots can find a runway using Google Maps - Here's a mashup that was discovered in a post from someone in the Google Maps API Group. This person has prepared a mashup that can be used for aviation pilots. From his posting: I've got a new mashup that's tailored for pre-flight planning for U.S. general aviation pilots. It displays markers for airports in an area, along with weather info. Another unique feature is that I added a custom map type called "chart" that shows the corresponding aeronautical chart (zoom level 6 to 14, contiguous U.S. states only). Google Map's satellite view is especially useful for seeing the layout of runways and taxiways before landing at an unfamiliar airport. [via]

Burning Man slideshow using Google Maps
- Here is a great slideshow of a crew that attended the Burning Man Festival last year. The slideshow displays pictures and plots where the picture was taken on a satellite image of the Burning Man Festival. [via]

Ready, Aim.. Inspire - "Inspired" by the MyGuestMap message posting capability is a Google Maps mashup "aimed" at allowing people to share a leadership link. "Ready"? :)
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