Friday, August 26, 2005

5 new Google Maps mashups!

Real-time locations of Aircoaches in Dublin, Ireland - Wow, Dublin is becoming the place for real-time Google Maps mashups. First came the commuter train locator, then came this.. A mashup that tracks the locations of Aircoaches to and from the airport. Check out this blog entry for a short description of what it's about and how it's done. Real-time Google Maps mashups for objects on the move are the best!

Beyond Google Earth - Track Asteroidal Occultations - This Google Maps mashup tracks the asteroidal occultations that will be visible over North America, Central America and the Caribbean during the next month. The maps for each event will show the path of the asteroid above the earth. Each map that is listed for the upcoming asteroid "streak-bys" (this is an official Google Maps Mania astronomy term) also includes a link to a Google Earth download to track the event using that application. Pretty nifty. I had no idea there were this many asteroids crossing by earth! powers site search with Google Maps - provides GPS data for recreational activities. Visitors can download lat/lon coordinates for hiking trails, fishing holes, SCUBA dive sites and sightseeing tours. They've just implemented Google Maps as a way to allow site visitors to search for content geographically - a Geographic Search Engine. Try it out.

A few more: Virtual New York City Tours and a Vancouver, Canada Transit Map
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