Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ajax / JSRS / Google Map / Network Monitoring Example

Here is a prototype to showcase AJAX techniques, JSRS and Google Maps to show updated network node status in real-time.

Here is how it works from the prototype page:

A very brief overview of how this thing works: On first hit to the page it generates a list of random network nodes and marks them all as being UP (Green). Every 30-90 seconds we use JSRS to make a call to the server to simulate a network node change. The server returns the changed node information and using Ajaxian techniques displays the changes by updating some text on the left and moving the map to the node location. One can enable or disable updates by clicking the checkbox. There are a number of ways this can likely be done differently and more efficiently especially with the API being available now. Please note: This has not been tested in many browsers and is likely not to work in some. I haven't developed this to be net friendly as its just a prototype so don't expect me to fix much unless its a very minor thing and easy to fix in two minutes. I can be reached by email at tsaiello at kosmo dot com and you can find my blog at

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