Sunday, August 07, 2005

CNN Money: Where Google's maps will take us

Where Google's maps will take us
We are all mapmakers now. At least, we all can be.
August 5, 2005: 10:19 AM EDT

NEW YORK (Business 2.0) - Ever since Google opened up its database of map and satellite imagery a month ago, interactive maps have been spreading across the Web.

These are not stale and static MapQuest maps. These are quirky, creative, eye-opening, idiosyncratic maps that can be made by anyone with Internet access, a few programming skills, and a little bit of imagination.

There are Google (Research) maps of the recent London bombings, Chicago crime scenes, cell-phone towers, free Wi-Fi hotspots, weather conditions, real estate listings, New York City tourist spots, people looking for dates, homes of sex offenders, and even urinals.

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