Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Google Maps destroys urban myths about China

Dan Hersam has challenged that old claim that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure that can be seen from space. He writes "I heard it so many times that I became convinced of its veracity, and having not had the opportunity to take a jaunt into space, I had no way of verifying it." Luckily, Google Maps has given Dan that chance and he has learned that it's not true. Read about it in this post. It's pretty good. :)

Joe Hewitt has also had a childhood memory, relating to China, destroyed by Google Maps. From his blog: In a state famous for packing people in like sardines, the New Jersey town I was raised in was known more for the sprawl of its two lakes and acres of foliage. My house sat at the edge of one such forest. To a boy, those woods seemed to be without end. It was both fascinating and frightening to imagine where you might wind up if you started walking into the trees and didn't look back. For all I knew, I might have stumbled into China. We knew several paths that led to exotic places, like the town landfill, but beyond that the woods were a mystery. A few days ago I brought up this satellite map of my old neighborhood, and my mystical image of the woods was ruined forever. They don't lead to China after all, just the other side of town. Read his full accounts and the devastation that ensued. :)
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