Sunday, August 14, 2005

Google Maps in the news..

Google Map tinkerers go in many directions
Richmond Times-Dispatch (USA)
August 14th, 2005

Need to kill a few hundred hours? Get googly-eyed over Google Maps. A Richmond-based Web-design company sure has. PharrOut LLC put online last month, taking a hint from The local site pinpoints where crimes have occurred recently within Richmond's boundaries. So visit the site (the local one, not the Chicago one) and see what you can find. PharrOut isn't the first to come up with the idea to tinker with Google Maps, which are generally more navigable and can be "dragged" with a click and a hold of the mouse, unlike that of its competitors, Yahoo! and MapQuest. There are a gaggle of Web sites that have constructed applications on top of Google Maps.

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US local news sites play with Google maps
August 13th, 2005

Kansas-based has introduced Google maps to news stories. Writing on his blog, the site's lead developer Adrian Holovaty said that the maps will add context to stories and enable users to 'navigate the news'. Record Online, a local newspaper site in New York state, has also introduced Google's maps.

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Google offers the world at the click of a mouse

Middle East Times
August 4th, 2005

That's what Internet giant Google is offering in a new program allowing Web surfers to fly around the world in a matter of seconds, hopping from one destination to another across the sky. In "Google Earth", a user can download a picture of Earth, pick a spot on the planet and navigate through satellite and airplane photos of cities. The resolution of images is clear enough to recognize major landmarks, such as Beijing's Forbidden City. You can zoom in as close as 300 meters (980 feet) from the ground and recognize clusters of people.

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