Sunday, August 14, 2005

Make your own Google Map image

Taken from BlogNewsChannel: Inside Google, here is a quick way to make your own Google Map image:

First of all : this method hasn’t been approved by any logical thinking human being, and notice the fact one of the categories this post is in is ‘humor’.

Go to [GoogleMaps] and select the satellite view. Browse the world in the resolution you prefer to see it. You can also zoom in to the city of choice.

Then go to ‘My Computer’, C:, Documents & Settings and pick your profile.

Make sure you can see the ‘hidden files’, something you can switch on & off in the Map Options of every (local) browser window.

Go to Local Settings and then to ‘Temporary Internet Files’.
Right-click somewhere and sort the filenames by type. Then scroll for .jpg images.

Select the images, right-click the selection.

Go to your Desktop, create a new map and dump the images in it.

Open your favorite Image Editor, create a new (think ‘large’) file and start to puzzle. Enjoy !

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