Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pixagogo takes photo sharing to next level - Google Maps style!

+ = Free Photo Mapping! is a photo sharing website similar to Flickr. The Pixagogo blog has reported an extension to the existing Pixagogo photo sharing options which involves Google Maps! The Google Maps tool which they have just announced allows you to create a "Photo Map" showing your own pictures overlaid on a Google Map! To create your own Photo Map, displayed on a Google Maps interface, you can use your Pixagogo account, or simply create one from scratch without having an account. After you have created the map, Pixagogo gives you the html code to paste onto your website, weblog (blog) or HTML email! Here is one that I created using some of my own pictures (without being a registered Pixagogo user) in 5 short minutes:

Pixagogo Photo Maps

Click the images on the map to view the photos and use the Google Map interface above as you would on the Google Maps site. For a full-page view of this map and the photos, check here. I did notice that some of the text descriptions are truncated within the balloon, but I'm sure Pixagogo will address this soon. Although you can use this service without being a registered user, the site does mention that: "..having a Pixagogo account makes it possible to upload an unlimited number of photos and to create private Photo Maps."

This Google Maps tool joins others like MapBuilder and GMapTrack to put the power of Google Maps integration creation in the hands of people with no coding knowledge.
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