Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Will ads target the satellite cameras? (Part 2)

Back on May 9th, I posted the following:

Will ads target the satellite cameras?

Will Google Maps satellite views give way to more "aerial" advertising? Nootropic thinks so. This blogger points out a Pepsi logo from a waterpark in Tempe, Arizona and wonders if more ads will be targeted toward the watchful eye of a passing Googlezon satellite. :) Suddenly a brand or logo on the top of a building is visible to more people than just those in its flight path...

The discussion continues today with a few more conversations I found on the topic out in the blogosphere.

The Design Weblog has posed an interesting thought:

..But what if these acres and acres of untouched, up-and-coming prime marketing real estate went up on the advertising market? This could make for some interesting adventures in advertising.
(..Check out the image they have put up in this posting for a good visual example)

They also reference another posting over at Be A Design Group..

But what if satellite images and/or aerial photos will be updated more frequently, and people will use roof-tops for advertising? Consider big convention centers, or hotels that are very spread out. That'’s a lot of roof real estate. Viewers would see the large ads while looking up an address near-by. I know that doesn't sound like a definite ROI, but it might be an option for a company, like a convention center, that wants to put their logo or contact info in noticeable colors on the roof so that people looking up directions for places near-by would see the ad.

With the ad industry shifting it's focus away from traditional arenas like television and into places like online games and the Internet, it's a sure bet that the predictions that are being made in these posts will end up happening. Let's hope it's not a cloudy day for the ad industry when the Google cameras zoom by for a snapshot. ;)
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