Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Will the GIS field welcome us to the party?

Here is an interesting blog post by a Ed Parsons, who appears to be directly involved in the GIS mapping field. I like reading posts like this and from others in the GIS industry. In some ways I feel like us non-professionals in the area of mapping don't belong when I read posts from these people giving a professional evaluation of Google Maps. It's apparent from some of their observations that the mapping technology we're all marveling over is not perfect, but to me and to most that have created Google Maps integrations with other data sources we come to the mapping party with only our fascination of what is possible with Google Maps and the creativity that the Internet community is adding to it. It's a transformation of the web, and it's a transformation of online mapping. Think back to the limited functionality you took advantage of in web based mapping pre-Google Maps. Hopefully the GIS community and the less-mapping-experienced folks that have such an interest in this can co-exist out here in the blogosphere and on the web. Take a read of Ed's points of view. I enjoyed reading it.
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