Tuesday, September 06, 2005

3 more Google Maps mashups!

Finally! a new Canadian Google Maps Mashup.. RentalMonster.ca - Looking to catch the wave of housing and real estate mashups carved out by sites like HousingMaps.com and ApartmentRatings.com, RentalMonster.ca hits the scene integrated with Google Maps for the Canadian rental seeker. With 3-4 months of free listings, this is an ideal site for Canadian landlords and property managers to list their properties on. The extended free trial period apparently exists for this reason: "We plan to give away free listings for 3-4 months, to iron out any bugs that may be creeping about, and prove to all your property owners / property managers that there is important value in using our service." Note: I don't understand why it's taking Canadians so long to come up with good Google Maps integrations. The street maps exist, and the API is ready to be used.. Come on Canada!

New transportation mashup: Milwaukee Traffic Cam Map
- Here is a mashup which combines the available traffic cameras for the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Google Maps. [via]

Ride the rails in New York State, USA
- Here is a mashup which "tracks" a database of railbeds in the state of New York (existing, abandoned, and historic) and lays it out on a Google Map for you. Currently the mashup features 100,000 points split up into individual tracks.

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