Tuesday, September 06, 2005

3 new Google Maps tools!

Coordinate Finder: Click on the Google Map and get the coordinates - This Google Maps tool gives you a quick and easy way to click on a location and get the X & Y coordinates of that point. It has also been set up so multiple points can be plotted at once.

Feedmarker integrates with Google Maps to provide route + tagging tool - Feedmarker.com, a a bookmarker and newsreader with tagging, now supports Google Maps. You can plot a route on a map and add in descriptive information (title, description, and image) for each point. Then you can save the map with tags and share with others (also supports private, public bookmarks and sharing with groups).
Here is an example:

Google Maps search tool returns ip-geocoded results - The following search tool makes use of the Google Maps API to perform a basic search. The xml search results are then parsed and compared against the lookup hosts within hostip.info. The creator of the tool then plots them and tries to zoom out properly for you to geo-locate the search result. We should stay tuned to this Google Maps API'er for future tools that he's cooking up. Some of them sound quite interesting!
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