Thursday, September 15, 2005

4 new Google Maps mashups!

Map of the Stars on Google Maps - Have you ever wanted to take one of those Hollywood California tours to see where the big stars live? Don't bother! Celebrity Maps is better! Those tours will only get you to the big gated entrances where the dogs bark at you. This Google Maps overlay will allow you to view the Google Maps satellite view of the property! Get those restraining orders ready..

Spammers plotted on Google Maps - is a free web-mail service that has decided to show you on a Google Map where spammers that are currently hitting their servers are geographically located. From the site: This map shows (in semi-realtime) ip addresses that are currently sending the most spam to Mailinator. Note: Spam counts are rounded to the nearest hundred and the map is updated every three minutes.

Boating in San Francisco - Here is a site for all those boaters in the San Francisco Bay Area. After choosing a region from the static map you get detailed Google Maps for each region. It plots locations of marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, or other marine locations.

Chicago Drink Specials - The name says it all.. Open up the map and find your bargains.. Bottoms up! :)
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