Thursday, September 15, 2005

eBay Motors Google Maps mashup

The Business 2.0 Magazine blog B2Day has reported on a Google Maps mashup created byAdam Trachtenberg that takes eBay Motors auto listings and plots them to their respective locations on a Google Map. Erick Schonfeld makes a good prediction with this mashup:

"...But let's suppose that eBay Motors does eventually incorporate the mashup into its site. What happens when Google starts inserting local text ads into its maps, or requiring that people who use its maps data do so, like Microsoft wants to do? Then what you would have is not just a map mashup but a business mashup. eBay would incorporate Google's mapping technology on eBay Motors to sell more cars, while Google would sell local search ads that appear on eBay's site. It will never happen. But if it did, it would be so Web 2.0." (read his post)

Check out the eBay Motors Google Maps mashup..

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