Monday, September 12, 2005

Found: Google Maps projects

I came across this list of current Google Maps projects that are on the go over at - Here they are directly from this page:

Sex Offender Mapper
This page maps sex offenders using Google Maps. Only data for Washington DC and Maryland are available at the moment, but I'll be adding other states soon.

DC Traffic Cameras
This page maps Washington DC traffic cameras.

DC Event Mapper
This page maps events in and around Washington DC. Select a date and see what events are taking place.

My Travel Map
This page maps places I have traveled to. I'm not done adding to it.

Funny City and Town Names
This page maps cities and towns with weird or funny names.

Latitude and Longitude Finder
Click on the map to see the latitude and longitude of that point.

Distance Calculator
Click on the map to create markers and see the total distance between the markers. I use this to calculate the distance of jogging/biking paths.
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