Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Google Mapping Britain's Hidden History

YourHistoryHere is an interesting new Google Maps project aimed at providing unusual information about a place a building or a street in locations around Britain. If you know "Some odd factoid, rumour or tidbit? Share it here, and if you're lucky someone will follow up with more info on your place."

Here is an example of one of those pieces of odd history about Scoles Manor:
The medieval hall house/chapel which is a part of this building has holes in the east wall. There are two theories. One is that they were for monks to leave food for lepers. The other is that they were people to keep bees in.

This is a great idea, but only if people take part. My advice - get your father or grandfather in front of this! They (or you) could be there for hours :)

Some additional notes from the creator:

1 - The code for this (excepting Google maps) is open source, and
we'll be happy to give it to anyone who wants an off the shelf
annotation system for whatever purpose.

2 - Both sites syndicate their data freely, and in a
location-queryable fashion. This is really important, as it allows for
all types of nice local history to be syndicated to tourism sites,
local community discussion boards, blogs and so on.
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