Monday, September 26, 2005

Google Maps from blogs and news..

Some recent Google Maps related blog posts and news stories..

Spot the black helicopter, win t-shirt
The Register (UK) Sept. 23/05
Our recent spate of Google Earth and Google Maps probes - highlighting how the firm's tasty satellite imagery is threatening all decent Christian, democratic values with its hi-res imagery of military hardware - has provoked a mini-airburst of reader activity. In fact, so great have been the number of recommendations for Israeli nuclear installations, Russian trailer-launched nukes and US stealth aircraft that we have decided to run a small competition to find the best that Google has to offer. - The 1st Honolulu internet Portal
PRLeap - Sept. 25/05
The Honolulu Business directory "Yellow Page" will allow advertisers to submit their business free and be reachable by visitors but the interesting thing about it is to see a clear map of location and direction using "Google Maps" technology.

Search FAST, Inc. Adds Google MAPS to Their Local Search Service
eMedia Wire - Sept. 24/05 Simplifying the Search For Homes With RSS Feeds, Google Maps
PRWeb - Sept. 26/05

Fun With Mashups blog post
Web 2.0 Explorer Blog: ZDNet - Sept. 22/05
Mash-ups are one of the most entertaining aspects of Web 2.0. It can take many forms and in this post I'll touch on some of them.

Press Release: Sportsim with Google Maps and Google Earth add on - Sept. 21/05
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